Codemasters 'steals' WRC license from Big Ben

The publisher secured a contract to publish games based on the official FIA license, starting in 2023.

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Codemasters, according to Games Industry, secured the license to publish official World Rally Championship games from FIA. The contract between the two companies will run for five years - from 2023 to 2027 - and it also designates Codemasters as the official organizer for official WRC eSports events.

The license will remain with current holder, BigBen Interactive, up until 2023, which in recent years has published the annual WRC games developed by Kylotonn, with which WRC 9 still scheduled for a September release. Whether BigBen Interactive and Kylotonn will continue to publish rally games after losing the WRC license, is still unknown.

Codemasters 'steals' WRC license from Big Ben

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