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F1 2019

Codemasters opens new studio in Birmingham

The new Codemasters studio will house the team working on the award-winning F1 game series.

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Codemasters, the developer and publisher of racing titles such as F1 and Dirt has opened a new state-of-the-art studio in the centre of Birmingham. This new office, spanning an impressive 14,000 feet, will house the 108 members of the team who work on developing the award-winning F1 series.

The new studio has been equipped with the latest technology to help with the game's development, including a new D-Box race simulator which will deliver the ultimate racing experience. This will mark Codemasters' return to the industry-heavy city in central Britain as back in the 1990's Rage Software, a now-defunct development studio was the humble beginnings for the now successful publisher/ developer.

"Birmingham continues to be a hub for attracting talented developers and, as our studio continues to expand, making Alpha Tower - the building the studio is situated in - our new home is testament to the quality of the people who want to work for Codemasters in this incredible city" said Ian Flatt, studio head at Codemasters Birmingham.

As well as this promising news, F1 2019, the official game of the 2019 FIA Formula One World Championship is set to ship a full two months earlier into the F1 season, making for a worldwide launch on June 28, 2019.

Will you be picking up this next iteration of the F1 series of games?

F1 2019

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