Code Vein

Code Vein has a demo starting September 3

This lets you create a character and try out The Depths, to see if you can handle the challenge.

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Code Vein is due for release on September 27 this year, and while you might have thought you'd need to wait until then to get your hands on Bandai Namco's game, there's good news, as a demo has just been revealed, available from September 3 on PS4 and Xbox One.

This demo grants access to character customisation and the very start of the game, including The Depths, which is a dungeon with a lot of challenging features. We can get a sense of what awaits in the demo via a trailer below, and we have a plethora of new screens to enjoy as well.

Back at E3 we found out that Code Vein "really opens up a lot of options" for combat, and we already have the opening cinematic, since that landed when pre-orders opened last month.

Will you sample the demo?

Code Vein
Code VeinCode VeinCode Vein
Code VeinCode VeinCode Vein
Code VeinCode VeinCode Vein
Code VeinCode VeinCode VeinCode Vein

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