Call of Duty: WWII

CoD: WWII's ladder system makes it easier to compete

We talked with Sledgehammer Games recently.

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When we were in attendance at the Call of Duty: WWII review event recently, we got the chance to speak to both Sledgehammer Games co-founder Michael Condrey and ex Call of Duty player Ray 'Rambo' Lussier (who's working with the studio) about the esports side of things, and both revealed that accessibility is something they've been working on.

"This year we have, I think, the most robust sort of ladder system for fans to feel like they have an agency in getting to the esports level, right," Condrey explained, "from ranked play, which we're bringing to GameBattles integration, which will allow through pro points to actually let players into the competition. This game I think has the first real path for your average player to feel like they can compete their way into a profession tournament... kind of a first for Call of Duty. I think that's pretty exciting."

"We have that robust system where ranked play is more of a casual experience, where I can just jump in with Michael and we can just play together" Rambo added. "Hey, he's not as good as I am, but maybe we'll rank up together, maybe he'll be left behind, and as the player who's clearly better makes his way up to the top then 'oh, look at that maybe I'm good enough to play GameBattles at a competitive level" and you know lead to something in esports, so I think like Condrey said we definitely have an opportunity for new players to have an accessibility that maybe they didn't have before."

Do you think this can shake up Call of Duty esports?

Call of Duty: WWII

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