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Call of Duty

COD player sends SWAT team to opponent's house

Angry gamer loses game and makes hoax call that sends out armed police.

Some people are more graceful losers than others, it would seem. One gamer, who is still to be identified, took things to the extreme after venting his frustrations by literally calling in a SWAT team and sending them to his online opponent's house.

Rafael Castillo of Long Island, New York, found his home surrounded by more than sixty armed police officers, following an online tussle on Call of Duty that saw Castillo's team emerge as victors.

To get revenge, the opposing player discovered Castillo's address, and then called police, informing them that Castillo had shot both his mother and brother, and that he was planning on killing even more people. Happily, it turned out after a two-hour standoff, that both his mother and brother are alive and well.

Funnier still, Castillo himself was blissfully unaware of what was going on around his home, as he was still playing Call of Duty, immersed with his headphones on.

"He didn't realize anything was going on, he couldn't hear anything," his brother, Jose Castillo, said. "I told him that there's a bunch of cops outside that are looking for you."

"I right away had an idea what it was, because I've seen [pranks] on the news," he later added.

"It was probably just an evil little kid," one officer said (via the NYPost). "We went and checked out the place and there was nothing there ... It sucked up a lot of resources, caused traffic problems. It turned out to be a hoax."

Call of Duty

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