Cocaine Bear

Cocaine Shark is now a thing and has a first trailer

Don't expect the same production quality as Cocaine Bear, but the unusual premise is still there.

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After it was reported that 3.2 tonnes of cocaine had been intercepted in the Pacific Ocean, the internet cried out for a Cocaine Shark movie, due to the hype around Elizabeth Banks' Cocaine Bear.

While at a Hollywood studio it would've taken years to get a Cocaine Shark movie out, the b-movie production company Wild Eye Releasing has already got its first trailer for Cocaine Shark.


The premise for the film follows a lab full of drug fuelled sharks, who escape after an explosion and go on a rampage. It's clear from the trailer that we're not dealing with a huge budget here, but it looks like b-movie fun nonetheless.

Will you be watching Cocaine Shark? It releases on DVD and digital on the 7th of July.

Cocaine Bear

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