Cocaine Bear

Cocaine Bear has an official browser game

Experience the rise of Pablo Escobear in an interactive way.

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Next week will mark the premiere of one of February's most exciting movies, the live-action retelling of the bizarre story of a bear that got jacked up on a dropped cocaine shipment. Known simply as Cocaine Bear, the movie will debut on February 24, 2023, but ahead of that and to hype up the release, a new game has been released based on the movie.

This free browser game is essentially a rudimentary take on Pac-Man and asks players to guide the Cocaine Bear around a level with the job of eating all the humans running around. The catch is that you'll need to fuel Cocaine Bear's rampage by running over heaps of cocaine that are littered around the level.

Check out the free game here (assuming you are over the age of 18!) to check out how Pablo Escobear rose to power, and also catch a trailer for Cocaine Bear below.

Cocaine Bear

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