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Z1 Battle Royale

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and Gamereactor's esports round-up #32

We're back with more esports goodness for you.

Each week Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and Gamereactor works to bring you the best esports news and tournament results around, and this week is no different, as we've got some big rumours about the NA LCS, as well as a brand new Overwatch team name.

On top of that we have the usual dose of tournament results, featuring competitions from DreamHack Denver, TwitchCon, and a Worlds update, as well as an interview about the upcoming H1Z1 Pro League. Don't miss it.

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Z1 Battle Royale

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REVIEW. Written by Mike Holmes

"If you're a fan of the genre coming to it for the first time, you'll know exactly what's going on as soon as your boots touch the ground."

H1Z1 is now Z1 Battle Royale

H1Z1 is now Z1 Battle Royale

NEWS. Written by Sam Bishop

Season 3 has arrived and with the rebrand comes plenty of updates to core elements of the game, including weapons, environments, and more.

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