Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai's sixth season will be split into three parts

With the first in July and the final one coming in 2025.

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Cobra Kai will never die, although it will come to an end, and relatively soon at that. Netflix's massively popular Karate Kid spinoff series will be concluding with its sixth and final season, and with that coming up very soon, the streamer has affirmed how it will debut.

The sixth outing will be split into three parts. Each of the three parts will include a third of the 15 total episodes making up Season 6, with the first part arriving on July 18, the second on November 24, and the third on an undetermined date sometime in 2025.

As for what this season is about, the official synopsis adds: "Picking up with Cobra Kai eliminated from the Valley, our senseis and students must decide if and how they will compete in the Sekai Taikai — the world championships of karate."

While there is yet to be a full trailer for Season 6, we do have a smaller look at it in the form of the release date trailer that you can find below.

Cobra Kai

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