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Cobra Kai: Season 5 almost done filming

Season 4 hits Netflix in a few weeks.

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Forget friends and family, New Years eve 2021 should of course be spent in the Cobra Kai dojo, or perhaps the Miyagi-Do if you are weak sauce. On December 31, Netflix is finally releasing season 4 of the incredibly popular series.

When a fan asked the series co-creator Jon Hurwitz about Miguel and Sam's relationship in this fourth season on Twitter, she got this reply:

"It's disorienting for me to even try answering this because we're currently filming the final episodes of Season 5. Thankfully whatever I'd say would be a spoiler, so I'll need to refrain. #CobraKai"

Basically, season five is almost finished already, which hopefully means a shorter wait for the continuation after season four has left us with another gruesome cliff-hanger.

Cobra Kai: Season 5 almost done filming

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