Clustertruck - an idea born from travelling home from Gamescom

We caught up with a couple of indie devs with a wonderfully insane game concept.

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We met up with the majority of the development team behind the upcoming "chaotic, physics-based truckformer" from Swedish Landfall Games to hear all about the concept of the game as well as future plans for features.

"We came up with the idea when we were travelling home from Gamescom," says Wilhelm Nylund, game designer. "We were travelling in a small truck, kind of, for like 12 hours straight. And I just thought it would be so much more fun if I could just jump up on the roof of the truck and then just start jumping home faster. Because riding for 12 hours isn't that much fun."


Wilhelm and his fellow developer Philip Örum, lead programmer, also detailed what's left to do on the game until full release later this year (there's currently a pre-alpha build available for testing).


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