Clusterpuck 99

Clusterpuck 99 heading to Switch

PHL Collective teams up with Coatsink to bring the 8-player local multiplayer title to Switch.

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Clusterpuck 99 was released on PC and Xbox One two years ago now, and today original developers PHL Collective and Coatsink announced that they're bringing the game to Nintendo Switch.

A fairly simple premise of sending the puck into the goal of the opposing team is complicated by some rather inventive map designs. Below are some bullet points of what you can expect from the Switch version:

• 8-player local multiplayer
• Instant replays and puck customization
• Single-player challenge mode
• All 30+ original maps, plus a host of Switch exclusives
• Arena Creator


If you're looking for a game that makes full use of all those Joy-Cons and Pro controllers you've got laying about, Clusterpuck 99 might be it.

Clusterpuck 99
Clusterpuck 99Clusterpuck 99
Clusterpuck 99Clusterpuck 99Clusterpuck 99Clusterpuck 99

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