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Cloud9 White win the North American Valorant Game Changers Series 1

The team took home $20,000 in prize money.

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The first Valorant Game Changers tournament has now concluded, and it has seen Cloud9 take home the victory, following a 3-0 win over Counter Logic Gaming Red. Cloud9 White's win in the women's tournament has seen them net a respectable $20,000 as the roster looks to set itself up as the dominant women's Valorant team.

Across the entirety of the Game Changers tournament, C9 White looked to be pretty dominant, never dropping a map when in the top 8 teams. In the tournament, the semi-finals match was one of the closer series however, as C9 White faced Moon Raccoons Black, and after a rigorous 2-map series, secured the win 15-13 on Haven and 13-11 on Icebox. As for the majority of the tournament though, C9 White proved to be the strongest team by quite a considerable margin.

While there will no doubt be more Game Changers tournaments planned soon, the Game Changers Academy event is set to see its first tournament between April 24-25, for more women's Valorant competition.


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