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Cloud9 White has won their third Valorant Game Changers tournament in a row

The women's roster is the team to beat in the scene.

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The Valorant Champions Tour Game Changers' third series concluded over the weekend, bringing to a close another tournament featuring the best women's-only teams across North America. Going into the event, the prior two events had been won by Cloud9 White, who were searching for the three-peat, to set them as the team to beat in the league.

Following a few days of competition, the team completed that challenge by running through the bracket and never dropping a map. Despite their game against Moon Raccoons Black, the team even managed to pull together a pretty dominant tournament, never really looking to be in danger of being knocked out or defeated.

The victory has given the team another $20,000 as a cash prize, and sets them up as the top women's team in the North American region. We'll have to see whether they can carry this momentum into the next tournament, which for the moment remains unannounced.


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