Halo Infinite

Cloud9 has released its Halo roster

All four members and the head coach will be free to look for positions elsewhere.

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In a rather surprising change of events, especially considering it was one of the better teams in the 2022 season and is also a partnered Halo Championship Series team for 2023 and beyond, Cloud9 has announced that it has released its entire Halo Infinite roster.

This decision means that all four members (Adam "Bound" Gray, Kevin "Eco" Smith, Zane "Penguin" Hearon, and Braedon "StelluR" Boettcher) and head coach Emanuel "Hoaxer" Lovejoy are free to look for positions elsewhere for 2023.

As for who Cloud9 is eyeing as replacements for its team heading into 2023, that has yet to be made clear, but no doubt this is something the esports organisation will be communicating relatively soon.

Halo Infinite

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