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Cloud9 has partnered with The Smurfs

C9: "This is our nod to the history of smurfing".

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Cloud9 has announced a new partnership with none other than The Smurfs. That's right, the North American esports organisation has joined up with the animated tiny blue chaps, as the team pays tribute to "the history of smurfing".

Set to largely revolve around a merchandise deal, the pair have collaborated on a line of apparel and goodies, which includes T-shirts, hoodies, hats, mouse pads, stickers, and a Velcro patch.

"With its matching colours and sense of fun, Cloud9 and The Smurfs partnered in hopes to strike feelings of joy and nostalgia with fans as the collaboration pays homage to childhood classic, The Smurfs, and C9's history of smurfing in their competitions," stated Cloud9.

The announcement post continued, "The term, "smurfing", was created by two World of Warcraft players using alternate accounts under the names of Papa Smurf and Smurfette to describe when high-level players create new accounts to play against and beat lower-ranked players.

Over time, the practice of Smurfing and the term has evolved, used to celebrate the most exciting and winningest moments in gaming and esports.

This is our nod to the history of smurfing!"

You can take a look at everything available as part of the partnership here.

Cloud9 has partnered with The Smurfs

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