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Close to the Sun

Close to the Sun among Epic Games Store's new free games

If you like murder and intrigue, these two games should both be of interest to you, as Epic continues handing out free games.

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Epic Games is giving away two new games for free via its Epic Games Store on PC. This week's offer seems to be meant for mystery and thriller fans since the games selected are Close to the Sun and Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments.

The first is Storm in a Teacup's latest creation, a horror adventure set in an alternative universe aboard a mysterious floating complex created by Nikola Tesla. The second game, however, is the adventure game developed by Frogwares, starring the popular investigator born from the mind of Arthur Conan Doyle.

You can redeem both games starting from today until April 16. Which of the two games will you redeem, or will you be grabbing both?

Close to the Sun

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