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Praey for the Gods

Climbing has been a key focus in Praey for the Gods

A newsletter shows just how busy the studio has been.

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It's been a long development for No Matter Studios' Praey for the Gods, with a lot of things being changed and tweaked (even the name), and now a recent newsletter highlights another area the team have been dedicating time and effort to, this actually being the game's climbing.

"A large part of our game is climbing and we weren't using it as much as we should have. With the pre-alpha build you saw that we could climb man-made objects. These are simple "prefabs" in Unity, just like our simple rocks," the studio writes. "In that build, we made a conscious effort to not make any of the rocks climbable. We wanted to make them all eventually climbable but didn't have the time to account for players getting lost or stuck on them. It was an early build and we knew we'd get back to that question."

"Then we ripped the band-aid off and just set all terrain to "climb". Currently, it means the player can climb the ground (we'll fix that)...but overall it's awesome! The night we set it up, Tim and I were working until 3 am and I lept off a cliff and in mid-air, pulled out the grappling hook, fired it off at a random cliff wall and BOOM MAGIC TOTALLY AWESOME. The freedom and the overall sense of exploration went through the roof. That, coupled with the improvement to the overall scale, really felt epic."

There's a whole load of other stuff that's talked about on top of this as well, including the implementation of save and load; an improvement of terrain tools; brand new enemy types; the addition of bedrolls; and more, so it seems as if development has been hectic. Have you got your eye on this game?

Praey for the Gods

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