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Cliffy B finds another reason to "never make another game"

He responded to an angry comment on Twitter.

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Cliff Bleszinski has been out of the world of game development ever since the closure of his studio Boss Key Productions, which made Lawbreakers and battle royale game Radical Heights, and he might not be coming back. Don't take our word for it, because this is what he answered to a mad fan who asked for refunds on Twitter.

"I paid my employees, their 401ks, and their health care - even months after the studio folded. So they could care for their families. I didn't take a salary myself for two years. I get you're sad, but god, this kinda shit is another reason I am NEVER making another game", he wrote in a night full of heated tweets. He also said that he still gets on well with 90% on this former employees.

This doesn't mean that he's done with the industry for good though, as in August he revealed a book to tell the story of Boss Key Productions' failure with his own words. That's probably why he isn't giving any interviews and probably won't do until the book is out and the story told.

Would you want to see him make another game?


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