Gears of War 3

Cliff Bleszinski talks Gears of War development

Creator on the story - warts and all - of Xbox's other big sci-fi franchise.

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Using the hashtag #GearsFacts, Gears of War inventor Cliff Bleszinski used Twitter to tell us some neat "secrets" about the game's creation.

Amongst them is the fact that Anya originally had a hefty cleavage, but "I pushed back on [art director] Pete to make her less cartoony", says Bleszinski.

A lot of the inspiration for the first game came out of his sadness from the failure of his first marriage and a visit to London. Also, on paper, the game and series was set to fail, since it was an all new IP that was testing all new mechanics and such.

If you want to read all relevant comments, check this comprehensive Reddit.

Gears of War 3

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