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Cliff Bleszinski talks about Boss Key ideas

Here's what might have happened if the studio hadn't closed.

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You'll have no doubt heard that Cliff Bleszinski's studio Boss Key Productions has closed down this week, having launched Lawbreakers and the recent battle royale title Radical Heights, and now the man himself has taken to Twitter to talk about some of the projects the studio would have wanted to make.

DragonFlies, for example, would have had samurais riding dragons, and they would have been fighting zombies. According to Bleszinski, it would have been "for dragon riding what Halo did for vehicles".

Rover, on the other hand, was supposed to be a VR game, where teams of five would have fought against each other in a "Zoid looking walkers". Each player would have operated a single machine, and would've had to occasionally repair their mechs (but quickly, because the planet's atmosphere is toxic).

Donuts was another VR idea, or more specifically a "VR spiritual sequel to Toobin", which was supposed to be "Mario Kart on water with animals in VR".

Cliff Bleszinski also offered his thoughts about how publishers usually react when they're being offered different game ideas:

"One problem with publishers, generally? You pitch something and the response is often "too similar to something we have or out there so no" or "this is too unique so we can't do a proper financial model for it." I respect them but as a creative it's frustrating."

Which of these games would you have wanted to play?


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