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Cliff Bleszinski eyes possible return to game development

As a fictitious mafia boss once said, "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!"

After his very public declaration that he wouldn't be returning to game development after the double-barreled failure of Radical Heights and Lawbreakers, Cliff Bleszinski has revealed that he might be considering a return to making games.

Apparently, the former Epic dev has an idea that just won't go away, and as he revealed on Twitter, that's prompting him to reevaluate his decision to walk away from games.

"UGH guys I kinda have a game idea and it won't get out of my head," the outspoken developer wrote. "I thought I was truly done. But then, stupid brain shows up. UGH."

But what kind of game might it be? Bleszinski has always had an affinity with action-shooters, with Boss Key's two ill-fated titles building on the work he had done on the likes of Gears of War at Epic, so there's every chance that there'll be weapons of some kind involved in his next project.

One thing we can be fairly sure about is what the game won't be: "AND IT'S NOT A FUCKING BATTLE ROYALE," he wrote, keeping the caps-lock on as if to demonstrate a point.

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