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Cliff Bleszinski announces his first comic book

The Gears of War creator says he "haven't been this excited since Gears 1".

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After the release of Gears of War 3, the creator of the franchise, Cliff Bleszinski, decided it was time to move on. He started is own studio Boss Key Productions, but their first title LawBreakers didn't manage to get a steady player base and ultimate was forced to shut down.

Since then, Bleszinski has been doing plenty of things outside video games like theatre production and writing a book. Now he has launched his next endeavour, which is being a comic artist. His is releasing Scrapper together with co-writer Alex de Campi and and artist Sandy Jarrell on July 19, published by Image Comics.

Scrapper is a stray dog and the main character of the story, and fights against totalitarian forces in a dystopic city, something that turns out to be a very dangerous job. Cliff Bleszinski is a known fan of animals and especially dogs, so it seems fitting that he chose this character, and he explains:

"As a lifelong fan of comics it's an honor to actually create one with Alex. Scrapper comes from the heart; first, the loss of my Aussie Teddy and then finding puppy love again with our Pomsky Lady. I truly hope everyone enjoys this deeply personal work."

We assume there's a fair chance that issue one might become a collector's item eventually, and the premise sounds interesting. Will you check this one out?

Cliff Bleszinski announces his first comic book
Cliff Bleszinski announces his first comic bookCliff Bleszinski announces his first comic bookCliff Bleszinski announces his first comic book

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