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Clid the Snail

Clid the Snail is a twin-stick shooter in a "microcosm"

We had a chat with Weird Beluga Studio's Alejandro García to talk about Clid the Snail.

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Living as a snail may seem boring, but a few of them experience amazing tales. One of those is Clid, the main character of a new twin-stick, top-down shooter under development by Weird Beluga Studio. We met Alejandro García, lead designer and composer, weeks ago to talk about the first project of this young team.

We put ourselves in the sticky shoes of Clid, "a snail that leaves in the citadel, where the snails have a quite an easy life". But he doesn't like it, "so he decides to explore the world, search for a new adventure and meeting new people. And, in one of those adventures, he meets a strange but amazing band who wants to prove the value" of the outcasts, those animals who "doesn't fit in the society".

Not only molluscs but also bugs, rats and small animals in general. In this world, "animals use pencils, sticks, lighters... anything that humans left behind -because there are humans in this world- to build their houses, their cities, their weapons and everything". García told us they like to call it "microcosm".

The Spanish studio is inspired by popular top-down shooters like Hotline Miami or Enter the Gungeon, "but in a narrative style". Gameplay-wise, players will be changing between 8 or 9 weapons with special abilities, and Clid can change his shell for an acid, electric or fire shell too.

There is still a long way ahead for Clid before he gets to PlayStation 4.

Clid the Snail

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