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CLG and Aphromoo part ways

He's been at the team for five years.

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Esports organisation Counter Logic Gaming has announced that long-time League of Legends player Zaqueri 'Aphromoo' Black has parted ways with the team, five years after joining the side back in 2012. The announcement thanks Aphromoo for his role in the team, especially considering the back-to-back LCS wins with him in the roster, as well as his leadership for others in the side.

"It's been a long road Zaq and I have walked together, and I'm sad to say that our journey ends here," head coach Tony 'Zikz' Gray said. He's a really good friend and I learned a lot from him from the time I was a remote analyst and grew with him and CLG to where I am now at Head Coach. It's been a fast three years and I'm so happy to have accomplished so much with him. I'll always cherish the moments we've had together, the good and the bad. I wish him the best of luck on whatever team he joins next split."

"Being a part of CLG has been an incredible experience and one that I will never forget," Aphromoo added. "So much has happened in these past five years that has made me the player that I am today. I learned how to be a leader, teammate, and friend to CLG players both past and present. Thank you CLG and all the CLG fans for sharing those experiences with me: two NA LCS Championships, two Worlds appearances, and five years of competing on the Rift. I believe that the next step in my career will be just as exciting, this time with CLG as an opponent - and I'll be there to win. Support is so EASY!"

Will you miss Aphromoo at CLG?

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