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Tekken 8

Claudio Serafino returns in Tekken 8 gameplay trailer

Bandai Namco has decided to start fighting Mortal Kombat 1's marketing campaign.

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We've seen and heard quite a lot from Mortal Kombat 1 the last couple of months, so it's rather interesting that Tekken 8's character reveals suddenly stopped around the same time. That doesn't mean Bandai Namco wants to avoid a marketing campaign fight.

Because the Japanese studio has given us a new gameplay trailer confirming that Claudio Serafino will return in Tekken 8 after being introduced in Tekken 7, and there's no doubt that his personality and attacks are as flashy as ever.

Unlike Mortal Kombat 1, we still don't know when Tekken 8 will launch, so I'm curious: Which kind of marketing campaign do you prefer for fighting games? Long ones with periodic updates or short and intense?

Tekken 8

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