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Quake Champions

Classic Quake III: Arena map comes to Quake Champions

Plus new Champion and game modes.

Bethesda has revealed some details of what players can expect from the September update, including a classic map, and a new Champion. Quake III: Arena fans will be able to revisit The Longest Yard in Quake Champions via an update to be introduced soon, completely reimagined for the new game. As for the new Champion, Athena, she will be first released on the test servers, accompanied by a grappling hook that should allow her to navigate the maps with great ease and fluidity.

In October, Quake Champions will also receive two new game modes - the classic Capture the Flag, and Slipgate, a game mode where both teams defend and attack in turns. Can't wait? Well, you can also try new game variants in the Play Now screen, to be added soon. Quake Champions is now free-to-play on Bethesda.Net and Steam as an early access game.

Quake Champions

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