F-Zero 99

Classic Mode is back in F-Zero 99

Although we thought Nintendo's battle royale was done with updates, there's still gas left in the tank for a few surprises.

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One of Nintendo's little surprises in this magnificent year of 2023 is the return of the F-Zero series with a multiplayer battle royale racing title. In it, up to 99 players compete against each other to be the last driver left on the track, and you can enjoy it for free if you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

A few weeks ago Nintendo updated the game with three new courses (Fire Field, Mute City III and Red Canyon II) in the King League, and it looked like that was the end of support for the game, from what Nintendo claimed. It turns out that this was not the case.

The Kyoto-based company has announced now that it will release update 1.1.0, which will add a Classic Mode to the racing title tomorrow, 29 November, as well as adding features such as changing the screen aspect ratio (it can now be set to 4:3 mode). Classic Mode allows you to race using the rules from the original SNES F-Zero:

  • Viewed with the same screen ratio as the Super Famicom (SNES) version.

  • The number of players participating in the game is 20.

  • Spin Attack and Skyway cannot be used, and the power meter boost by K.O. has also been removed.

  • Turbo can only be used for the "S Mark", which can be charged once per lap.

A lucky card has also been added, which records the rankings and machines used in five races. If everything matches at the end of the five races, you'll unlock extra rewards. What's more, Nintendo says it will continue to maintain the game with small updates.

F-Zero 99

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