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Clash Royale League West teams revealed

A new video breaks down the 12 sides due to compete this year, with the next few weeks dedicated to finalising rosters.

A brand new video from Supercell has given us the details on the teams joining the Clash Royale League West this year, which you can watch below, telling us that Team Queso, Team Liquid, Tribe Gaming, CompLexity, Immortals, Misfits, SK Gaming, Fnatic, Dignitas, NRG, paiN Gaming, and Cream Esports will be battling it out this year.

This means that all of these sides can scout players over the next few weeks as they work to finalise their teams and move them to Los Angeles for the start of the competition, which is "coming soon".

For more on the CRL West head on over to this link. Is this a good roster of teams?

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