Claim your adapter for free to play PSVR on PS5

PSVR titles are also set to be fully compatible with the PS5, assuming you have the adapter.

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PlayStation VR games are fully compatible with PlayStation 5, but not from the get go. You'll need a specific adaptor for the PlayStation Camera (for PS4) if you want to jump into Dreams and other virtual worlds with higher graphics quality and less loading times. The good thing is that it is totally free.

Since the new HD Camera is not VR compatible, Sony launched a new website to inform PSVR users about the PlayStation Camera adaptor. To request your own, and just one per household, you need to register here and provide the serial number of the hardware and some personal information that changes depending on the country.

Adaptors will start shipping in mid-November for European and American players and should be arriving to destination in about two weeks. Once you have it at home, you need to plug the adaptor to a USB Type-A port on the back of your PS5 console and to the AUX port on the PlayStation Camera.

Claim your adapter for free to play PSVR on PS5

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