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CJ Entus drops MoMo after online abuse and harassment

Fans have called for the player to be permanently removed.

CJ Entus and ESC Ever recently had a match in the KeSPA Cup together, and shortly after the match some information emerged linking CJ Entus' Minsik "MoMo" Park to a "Minsik" who abused and harassed women online two years ago.

MoMo sent the victim a plethora of messages containing sexual remarks and abusive language, all of which has been captured in screenshots, including "I wanted to kill your mother" as well as "your b**** are nonexistent". When the victim wanted an apology, MoMo mocked her, saying she should try to sue him.

Head Coach Jung Suk "Reach" Park has previously said that MoMo, among other team members, are not fully signed and are proving themselves in the team, but after this revelation, and the calls that have come from CJ Entus fans for MoMo to be dropped permanently, the AD Carry's future with the team looks unlikely to say the least. Do you think he should be permanently removed?

League of Legends
Photo: Inven Global

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