Civilization VI

Civilization VI's Vietnam & Kublai Khan pack releases January 28

It's the fifth DLC included within the New Frontier Pass.

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2K Games has revealed that Civilization VI's next DLC within the New Frontier Pass will launch on January 28, 2021. The Vietnam & Kublai Khan pack is the fifth DLC pack to release within the New Frontier Pass and it includes new content such as a new leader, a new civilization, and a new game mode. To access this new content, you'll need a copy of the base game and will have to either purchase the New Frontier Pass or the pack separately for £7.39.

The new game mode included is called Monopolies & Corporations. A press release that we received details this mode and states that it brings: "more robust economic gameplay that enables you to build an economic empire and live out your fantasies of swimming in pools of coins!" Also coming within the update is Kublai Khan as a new alternate leader for China and Mongolia, and a new district known as the Preserve, which is said to include two new buildings in the Grove and the Sanctuary.

2K has also teased that it will be soon showcasing a First Look video, which will offer a deeper look into Kublai Khan. No exact date has been revealed, but it will arrive before next week's launch.

Civilization VI

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