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Civilization VI

Civilization VI the next free game to hit Epic Games Store

Hot on the heels of GTAV comes the Firaxis-crafted 4X strategy game, and it's free for the next week.

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We don't really need to dive too deeply into this one, as the headline tells you pretty much everything you need to know. Civilization VI, the excellent historical 4X strategy title from Firaxis Games that not incidentally just got a new season pass, is the latest free game to be given away by Epic as the company continues its charm offensive on the PC market.

Last week the company gave away free copies of Grand Theft Auto V and that move has been followed by a title no doubt designed to appeal to a different kind of gamer. Both games are great, though, so if you don't own it already and you've got a PC capable of crunching the numbers, we suggest you head on over and claim your copy now. Just one more turn awaits.

Civilization VI

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