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Civilization VI

Civilization VI just got its spring update

Joint wars can now be waged.

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Civilization VI came out back in October 2016, but the strategy game hasn't slowed down, and has actually just received its spring update, a full list of patch notes for which you can read right here, which you can download today.

We won't share the whole list with you here, but there are some big inclusions you should be aware of, including the fact that players can now ask others or AI to join wars if they need a bit of assistance, which is part of the Joint Wars/Third Party War update.

Other noteworthy additions are the fact religion can now affect a city's loyalty; making it so that "when somebody wins the game in the Information Era, it reset all players to be in a Normal Age and take away all Dedication bonuses"; luxury resource Turtles being more common; and the usual amount of bug fixes and tweaks.

What other features caught your eye?

Civilization VICivilization VI

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