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Civilization VI

Civilization VI is getting a Sid Meier's Pirates! inspired mode

The new pirate-themed multiplayer mode is being added to the game next week.

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Avast me hearties! There's a new community update coming to Civilization VI that basically turns the enduringly popular 4X strategy game into a modern version of Sid Meier's Pirates! via a new multiplayer scenario designed for up to four scurvy seadogs.

As you'll find out in the attached trailer (which is very silly and rather sweet), the devs at Firaxis have managed to make the Civ6 structure work on the seven seas, although the studio had to get creative and make a number of revisions to accommodate the new nautical gameplay. Check out the trailer for more details.

The community update is set to land on October 22, and it's available to all players of the game for free. Meanwhile, the paid New Frontier Pass continues adding civs and modes to the game.

Civilization VI

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