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Civilization VI

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm introduces Kristina

The Queen of Sweden is perfect for the Cultural and Diplomatic among you, although you can certainly wage war if necessary.

2K and Firaxis Games have revealed that the Gathering Storm expansion for Civilization VI will introduce us to Swedish leader Kristina, which should be of interest if you like going down the Cultural or Diplomatic routes.

The unique improvement for Kristina is the Open-Air Museum, which increases Loyalty and provides boosts to Culture and Tourism for each type of terrain in which at least one of your cities has been founded. There's a limit of one per city though.

Queen's Bibliotheque is the unique building, and comes as a second tier building within the Government Plaza. Once created, it can hold two Geat Works slots of Writing, Music, and any Art, awarding a Governor Title once finished.

The Nobel Prize is the unique ability, which gives Sweden extra Diplomatic Favour when earning a Great Person. What's more is that you'll also get extra Great Engineer points from Factories and Great Scientist points from Universities. Three unique World Congress competitions also get unlocked in the Industrial era as a part of this.

If you want to make war and not love though, the Carolean unique anti-cavalry unit replaces the Pike and Shot, has faster movement, and gets more Combat Strength for each unused point of movement.

Last but not least is Kristina's own unique ability called Minerva of the North, letting her build the Queen's Bibliotheque in the Government Plaza, with buildings having at least three Great Work slots and Wonders with at least two Great Work slots getting automatically themed when all of these slots are filled.

If this all sounds wonderful, you should check out the trailer and screenshots down below. As for when we can expect Kristina and the Swedes, this update is coming on February 14, so we don't have too long to wait.

What is Kristina's biggest strength?

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