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Old World

Civ 4 and Offworld Trading Company dev unveils Old World

Mohawk Games is back with another strategy game, and this time it's a 4X that orders us to do things a little differently.

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It's been a good couple of days if you're a strategy fan, first with the surprise announcement of a new tactics game in the Xcom series (more on that here) and now with the unveiling of a new game from Soren Johnson's studio, Mohawk Games.

Johnson's CV includes Civilization IV, where he was lead designer, and fiscal RTS Offworld Trading Company, his studio's debut game. Now Mohawk is back with a new spin on the 4X genre, where players live through ancient times and try and carve out a name for themselves.

In Old World, units aren't limited in terms of movement in the same way as they are in a traditional 4X, rather your actions are expressed via 'orders', and your turn is over once you've run out (with each turn representing one year). It's launching on PC via the Epic Game Store, where a product description reveals more about what we can expect, including a campaign driven by 'ambitions' that includes over 1,000 unique events for players to discover.

It sounds like an interesting twist on a fairly well-worn formula and we look forward to seeing more of the game, with an early access release planned for sometime in the summer.


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