The Colonists

City-building simulator The Colonists is coming to consoles next month

May 4 to be exact.

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The Colonists is a city building game inspired by the Anno series and The Settlers. The game was first released on PC back in 2018, and now it seems to be ready to conquer and colonise more platforms.

Publisher Auroch Digital confirmed that The Colonists soon will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on May 4th. In the game, players will control a team of robots, help them to build up their dream settlement. Here's what the description writes: "Each bot has a job to fulfill, from harvesting crops, and fishing at the lake, to transporting resources and discovering distant lands. Help them work together to achieve automated harmony."

The game features a campaign with 14 missions, some random maps, sandbox mode, challenge trophies, map editors and more. Check the latest console announcement trailer below.

The Colonists
The Colonists

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