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City of Västerås gets search increase after Game of Thrones

The amount of searches on for the city - which sounds like Westeros - has rocketed between 2017 and now.

Westeros is a place we've come to know very well ever since Game of Thrones first graced our TV screens (and even longer for those who've read the books), and it turns out that this has actually impacted travel searches for the Swedish city of Västerås, the pronunciation of which is rather similar. has revealed in a press release that global searches for Västerås between February 15 and May 15 have seen a 210% increase when compared to a similar period in 2017, which may have something to do with the final season coming to a close and fans wanting to extend the magic a little more.

Västerås doesn't have dragons and an epic conflict for a throne, but it's still got a lot of history like the lands of George RR Martin's fantasy series.

As for where this increase came from, this had an 85% increase from US travelers, 140% from those in the UK, and 95% increase from those in Finland.

Will you be paying Västerås a visit?

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