Cities: Skylines II

Cities: Skylines II has been delayed...on consoles

The game will still be hitting its October 24th release date on PC.

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If you've been waiting eagerly to be able to start your career as an urban planner in Cities: Skylines II, unfortunately, depending on the platform you play on, you may now have to wait longer than expected.

Because Paradox and Colossal Order has announced that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions of Cities: Skylines II has been delayed and will no longer be launching on the same date as that of the PC version, i.e. October 24, 2023.

As for why this delay has been announced, an official statement reads: "We are hard at work getting the game ready for our release on October 24th. While doing so, we have come to realize that we need more time to reach the quality targets we have set. As we want to provide the best experience for our players, we are updating the release window for Xbox and PS5 to Spring 2024. The additional time allows us to focus on matching the quality and performance across all platforms."

Cities: Skylines II will still launch on PC Game Pass as planned on the 24th of October, and as for how this change will affect the release schedule of the PC and console versions and what they have planned post-launch, all that has been mentioned is that this will be communicated at a later date.

Cities: Skylines II

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