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Death Stranding 2

Chvrches would "like to collaborate again" with Hideo Kojima on Death Stranding 2 soundtrack

The Scottish band was behind the original's title song.

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Now that we know Death Stranding 2 is coming in the future, the question as to who will make up the game's soundtrack has been posed. Considering the original featured the likes of Bring Me The Horizon, Major Lazer, Khalid, and even the Scottish band Chvrches (who created the title track), the latter has now been asked if it will be coming back for the sequel.

Speaking with NME, Chvrches' synth player Martin Doherty responded to this very question with: "I mean, we're available. There's nothing formal yet. We've talked [and] we've hinted heavily at each other that we would both like to collaborate again."

He continued: "There's sort of a dance going on right now. I don't want to be rejected by all out saying, 'Can we be on the game please?' and [Kojima] says no. But I don't know.

"We're continuing to build a really special relationship with Hideo. And I think we get him and I think he gets us. If the call comes in to do more then of course, we'll be there in a second."

This comes after Kojima brought Chvrches on as a guest star for his Brain Structure podcast a couple of weeks ago, where the legendary Japanese game director stated: "It would be nice if we could make something work. I wanna do something different, something no one has done before. Having one song in the game is expected, right? So what if we had [Chvrches] make like 100 songs or something?"

Would you like to see Chvrches working with Kojima again, or would you like to see someone else taking a crack at Death Stranding 2's soundtrack?

Death Stranding 2

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