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World of Tanks

Chuck Norris is bringing festive cheer to World of Tanks

The holiday event will be bringing a whole bunch of new gear for tankers to unlock.

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Wargaming has announced that for this holiday season, it will be bringing a familiar face to its free-to-play, multiplayer title World of Tanks. From December 9 till January 11, tankers will be able to decorate cosy mountain town with none other than Chuck Norris himself, all while earning great rewards.

Following on from the likes of Holiday Ops 2020, these 2021 celebrations will feature a variety of challenges for tankers to chew through, to earn a collection of ornaments to be able to decorate their village and earn various rewards. For this year, these will range anywhere from firework displays to completing special missions, and will additionally also come with a variety of new collections to unlock.

"Players like to say I must have been on the other side when they lose a battle; well, now it might just be true," says Chuck Norris, World of Tanks Ambassador. "As you all know, even when the chips are down, I'm not one to shy away from a challenge and I hope that my fellow tankers do me proud when they take on Chuck's Challenge!"

To check out all this new event has to offer, be sure to visit the Holiday Ops site right here.

World of Tanks
World of TanksWorld of Tanks

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