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Christopher Walken to play the emperor in Dune: Part Two

The star-studded cast continues to expand.

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Following the immense success of the first Dune movie both at the box office and at accompanying awards ceremonies, director Denis Villeneuve has been hard at work on the second part, the sequel, which will continue to tell the story of Timothée Chalemet's Paul Atriedes and the war for the planet of Arrakis. To this end, we've seen various casting reports over the past few months, including that of Florence Pugh joining as Princess Irulan, and now we know who will be playing Pugh's character's father.

As The Hollywood Reporter has revealed, it will be Christopher Walken who will be joining the star-studded cast to portray the role of Emperor Shaddam IV. The Emperor, as you might have guessed, is the ruler of the universe, and was the individual who initially sent the Atreides house on its path to devastation by giving it stewardship of the planet of Arrakis.

As for when we'll get to see Walken's take on the emperor on the big screen, Dune: Part Two doesn't open in cinemas until October next year, October 20, 2023 to be exact, but with filming set to start this summer, we can probably expect to see some photographs from set popping up over the coming months.

Christopher Walken to play the emperor in Dune: Part Two

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