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Christopher Nolan's Tenet gets first trailer

There are some interesting concepts on display in the teaser, and it seems to be playing with the idea of time.

On July 17 we're getting the next film from accomplished director Christopher Nolan, and we've just seen the first teaser for the project. It's called Tenet, and despite being only two minutes long, there's a lot to take in with this trailer.

Time seems to be a core concept with this project, with plenty of objects seeming to move backwards in time, but then we also have the core character John David Washington, who looks to be a specialist agent, alongside Robert Pattinson.

Michael Caine also appears in the trailer, and we can guarantee this is one that fans will be trying to make sense of until we hear more about the film.

With Nolan's past projects including Dunkirk, The Dark Knight trilogy, and Interstellar, hopes are high around Tenet.

Are you ready for another Nolan epic?

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Christopher Nolan's Tenet gets first trailer

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