God of War: Ragnarök

Christopher Judge clarifies 'voice matching' another actor's role

It seemed Judge recently spoke about denying a chance to play young Kratos.

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For fans of God of War who first hopped on the bandwagon following the monstrous success of the 2018 game, it might be hard not to think of Christopher Judge when you think of Kratos. But, for many years prior, Terrence C. Carson voiced the character.

Recently, fans thought that Judge had been offered a position to play a younger version of Kratos. In a recent interview with YouTuber AbdBay, it looked like Judge was talking about voice matching Carson.

"I was actually offered something not too long ago, and I had to turn it down because they wanted me to somewhat match the voice of that character, and I said absolutely not," he said.

Judge said that it was "inherently wrong" for an actor to take the work of another actor and then try and make it your own. But, in a tweet clarifying what he was talking about, Judge says that he was not referring to playing a younger version of Kratos, and that instead he was asked to do another voice matching role. He still ensures us that he has a great amount of respect for Carson, and it's likely that had the opportunity arisen for him to do a younger version of Kratos, he still would've turned it down.

Do you think Judge is correct?

God of War: Ragnarök

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