The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Chris Pratt sees a lot more Nintendo movies in our future

The age of the video game adaptation is here.

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If The Super Mario Bros. Movie proved anything, it was that video game movies at the box office could be super profitable. Now that studios have caught wind of that, expect a lot more video game movies in our future.

According to Chris Pratt, the star of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, the sequel to the hit film isn't the only upcoming project based on Nintendo's works. "I can't tell you much but I can say that there is another Mario movie coming. It gets me very excited thinking about the world of Mario and Nintendo in general," he told GamesRadar.

"I think over the next decade we will be seeing lots of stories coming out of that world. I was thrilled, honoured, and blessed to be part of the first one and moving forward I'm open to doing as much and as little as they want from me. I can't say much but I am just as excited as everyone else."

We know alongside the Mario sequel we're also getting a live-action Legend of Zelda movie from Wes Ball, but we'll have to wait and see which other Nintendo IPs get transformed into movies.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

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