World of Warcraft

Chris Metzen has been promoted to the executive creative director of all things Warcraft

The long-time Blizzard veteran will work on creating the "next generation of adventures."

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Blizzard has announced that veteran Chris Metzen is taking on a larger and more significant role at the company, because he has been promoted to the position of executive creative director of the Warcraft universe.

As for what this means, Metzen will now be tasked with overseeing all things Warcraft and to help lead the franchise and craft the "next generation of adventures."

While Metzen has previously served as the creative lead on various World of Warcraft expansions and additions, this role seems to suggest that Metzen will be tasked with exploring new ways to expand the franchise and to lead other projects that feature the Warcraft namesake.

We can expect to hear more about what Metzen's era of Warcraft will look like as soon as BlizzCon 2023, where the Warcraft teams will be sharing additional information about what they have been working on.

World of Warcraft

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