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Chris Huelsbeck piano album and score book funded on Kickstarter

Only needed 66 minutes to reach its goal!

While things have certainly become more quiet as far as video games on Kickstarter goes - there's still plenty of opportunity for the right product. Evidently a piano album + score book from famed video game composer Chris Huelsbeck (sometimes spelled Hülsbeck) best known for The Great Giana Sisters and Turrican scores and most recently Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams and before as a long time contributor for Factor 5, was the right product as it reached its target in 66 minutes. Of course, the target was a modest $10,000 and currently (with 41 days remaining) the campaign sports 455 backers for a total of $39,118.

If you want to contribute to the campaign and secure a copy of the album and/or score book - head over to the Kickstarter page. Sample tracks "The Great Bath" from Turrican 2 and the R-Type theme are available to listen to in case you're curious how Huelsbeck's tunes sound on a piano.

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