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Chris Evans and Ana de Armas play with expectations in Ghosted trailer

Captain America will be the one in need of saving this April.

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Pretty much every James Bond film, Knight and Day, Lethal Weapon, and so many other examples that I'm not going to bother mentioning the thousands of other movies we've seen through the years where a male agent or cop has to save a damsel in distress. Fortunately, the industry has become a tiny bit better about stuff like this lately, and we'll apparently get another example of this next month.

Apple and Skydance has given us the first trailer for Ghosted, the action-adventure movie where Chris Evans is reunited with Ana de Armas after their great team-up in Knives Out. The premise is quite simple: Man meets girl, they hit it off, things suddenly go quiet, one of them gets caught up in something really bad and has to be rescued by the aforementioned person that turns out to be a secret agent. What distinguishes Ghosted from most other similar movies, and plays with expectations because we're talking about Captain America starring in it, is that Evans is the one being ghosted and has to be rescued by a badass de Armas.

We'll see if this ends up being completely forgettable like most of the other similar movies or if it's one of the rare goodies when Ghosted arrives on Apple TV+ on April 21.


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