Chorus now supports ray-tracing on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series

Flight stick support is also now present on the PC version.

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Fishlabs has announced that it has released a new update for its science-fiction game Chorus, an update that adds ray-tracing support and aims to improve the visuals of the game by bettering the way that light sources reflect. It's noted in the patch notes that ray-tracing will be available on the PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions of the game, and that on the new-generation consoles, using ray-tracing will see gameplay running at 30fps, but still maintaining 4K dynamic resolution.

Otherwise, the patch notes revealed that the PS5 edition of Chorus will now include adaptive trigger effects for various weapon types, all to "enhance player immersion".

Similarly, the other major improvement that has landed as part of this update is the inclusion and support for flight sticks (HOTAS, aka hands on throttle-and-stick) on PC, meaning players can now use this control scheme to pilot their spaceship.

There was also mention of a variety of balancing improvements, including lower collision damage, a less punishing first boss, and shields being more four-times as effective against collisions.


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